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AED units can also be found in the community. This AED unit here is on the wall of Local Village Church. The idea is you can call the emergency services. The emergency services will then give you a code and you'd enter this code into the lock, turn the handle, and then you have access to the AED unit. This means that you could have someone who's gone into cardiac arrest at home. You could run down and activate the emergency service, and also get an AED unit. The hope is that this AED unit would arrive on scene before the emergency services. It could save valuable time. Remember, every minute of delay in the AED being deployed, gives a 10% drop in survival rates. If we could get this there in two or three minutes earlier than the paramedics arrive, the person's chance of survival is much higher.

If you've got these in your community, ask the community and find out who's responsible for them. They'll probably have some other sorts of training so you can learn a bit more, or maybe join your local community responder network. The sign on the unit is the universal AED sign. You'll see this anywhere there is an AED. We got basic instructions along the front, the main lock, and this little window here just allows you to look inside to make sure that the unit is all okay. With this one here, you look inside, you'll see a green light on the unit. An AED that's inside might not be one that you're familiar with, but all AED units are basically the same. They all have an on/off button and they all have a shock button, so just read the instructions on the unit.